The Habitat

The Habitat

The Habitat , as the name suggests is a natural environment wherein animals  and plants live peacefully under  nature’s protection cover. Here we have a huge project coming up just a couple of kilometers from the National Highway 8E connecting Bhavanagar and Dwarka. Located around 25 km from Bhavnagar city . This project will be spanning across the length and breadth of the hills of Bhandariya. There can be no place better than this as it has forest, lake, waterfalls and windmills surrounding it. A pleasant location to spend days and days together in the lap of the mother nature. It will become an architectural marvel for a city like Bhavnagar on the completion of the project. The breath taking views from the various table tops carved out from the hills sizzles our senses out.Trekking the hills of Bhandariya is another adventure that cannot be missed.




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